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Your interior is your business card

Or to say this more in line with today’s digital age, your interior is your home page!

For the new office of Clyde Construction Amos Beech Interiors designed an open and transparent interior, in which the industrial look is in perfect balance with warmth and a homely feeling.

Your interior is your home page

Clyde construction was founded in 1970 by the fathers of the present owners, Peter Ton and Jack Murphy. The company was previously based in Kilmarnock, but the office became too small and a more prominent location was desired. A beautiful prime location was found a little further on in Glasgow, and architects and engineering firm Michael Laird has designed a building with high windows and wood columns that is a real eye-catcher. Amos  Beech Interior projects – chosen following a tender process under three agencies – was commissioned to design the interior. “Architecture and interior design have to go together,” says Alison Lyall design manager at Amos Beech. “The architect worked with air, light and space, and we have  embraced that in our design.”

Different Levels 

Amos Beech was already involved during the first sketches of the design ofthe building. “Because of this, we have been able to change various aspects” continues Lyall. “Very  usefull  and pleasant, because usually we only get involved when the architectural design has finished or he building is already there.” In that sketch, for example, a fairly traditional staircase design was drawn up, which has been rotated and enlarged by Amos Beech. Another important intervention was to create a floor o ceiling open space next to the stairs, idea lfor biophilic elements. Characteristic is the very high floor-to-ceiling Windows. We wanted to emphasise that feel, and the high space gave us the possibility to create different levels. Because we already were involved inhis project at an early, we were able to their influence the design of the windowframes. ” Amos Beech also wanted to show how the office was built, after all, Clyde is a Construction company. For example, the concrete floors are anywhere in sight, showing cut throughs to discuss with visitors. 


Oblique lines

The facade of the building is characterised by straight lines, in the interior on the oher hand slanting lines were created  in contrast. “The building consists of two parts,” said Lyall, “behind the office is a large workshop positioned at an angle. We have exttended the oblique lines of the workshop into the office, through the twisted posting of some solid elements – such as the office doors, the stairs and the core of the building. ” The meeting rooms have sloping walls, and part of the soft furniture is also positioned under an angle. Lyall: “by implementing this idea to consistently, it creates playfulness in the rigid concrete building. We also wanted to minimise the walls and the hallways, and with these furniture elements we created different spaces at the same time, who fluently complement each other. Despite the sheer size of the office you will never feel lost here and if you do than the indoor maps function of iOtSpace will guide you to your workstation or colleagues. “

Apart from the floors and ceilings also most of the  walls of concrete, and therefor the acoustics was a challenge. Amos Beech advised to fit the high wall at the front of the building with acoustics. To this end, the wall is lined with wooden panels, behind which acoustic material is fitted. “A nice solution,” said Hiep, “and the wall carries the experience.” Another measure was the application of acoustic panels above the common areas; In addition to his the soft seating and furniture screens help with good acoustics as well. 


The many concrete in combination with the black steel fences and balustrades give the interior an industrial look – and that was also a clear desire of the client. A challenge on raw and robust was creating an inviting and homely environment – another wish. The ground floor – notably The Café – had to get a ‘ hospitality’-look: in the building are common customers and other relations, and for them had to the threshold low. In the Café are under more presentations to customers, in addition it is used by the staff for lunch, and to work. For creating a homely atmosphere are many natural materials used; In addition, warm, earthy colors applied, particularly in the fabrics.

You can imagine yourself upon entering earlier in a hotel lobby than in an office environment. First you see a pool table with a striking orange wall and then directly in the restaurant. A number of tables and chairs is a raise, what is more, lights a small stand with a stage and fixed sofas, which can be used for example for speeches and presentations. Above the bar – in the same language as the desk – hang copper lamps, behind it is a wooden wall with shelves for bottles, plants and objects. Hiep: “We have worked with a stylist for the decor, plants, pictures and paintings – that makes it just a little bit off.” For the light plan worked Rever along with light Advisor kalonga. “Lighting is essential and determines to a great extent the atmosphere,” said Lyall. “In the work areas is the lighting very functional, below we have the more attractive.”


On the ground floor are still a ‘ experience space for one-to-one, a desktop space for fine tuning of procurement, the board room and the workplaces of the administration. But most of the approximately 35 employees work on the first floor. With the new Office was also a new way of working at Bolton introduced: Although many of the employees still use a fixed workplace, the interior is ready for flexible working. So there are lockers, in a beautifully finished wooden wall under the stairs. In addition were desired openness and transparency, so as to encourage knowledge sharing and to facilitate meetings. The upper floor also has an open and transparent character, with long sight lines from one to another of the building. Hiep: “people are thereby easy together along.” The workplaces of the window furthest from the stairs, stand on a raise, so you also have there good overview. At the workplaces is carpet on the concrete floor, above it suspended ceilings in which lighting is made. “By the islands you’ll experience anywhere also here the height of the room, and we didn’t have to work with coving for tthe windows,” said Hiep. There are several consultation and places – the last 1,5 hrs round trips, among other things, the outside of the repro space, which for the cable gland is also increased. Most walls above his dark grey, which together with the concrete and the black railings also here an industrial appearance, weather combined with warm colors in the fabrics.