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Rachid Guenoun helps entrepreneurs realize their dream

For 16 years, Rachid Guenoun has been producing fully customized business plans for starting entrepreneurs with a fresh concept and established entrepreneurs who want to grow. Virtually all concepts have been discussed: not only the evening shop around the corner, but also, for example, an electric scooter concept, a music studio, shelter and day care for war veterans and several inventions on which patents have been registered.

To draw up a business plan, you need to be extremely creative and good with numbers, because the starting entrepreneur often appears with very little input. A cost template for the specific industry is then not sufficient, a lot of research will have to be carried out. For example, a market research at macro level is not sufficient, it is also necessary to find out what the profitability can be at meso level. If the business plan is intended for the bank or private investor, the business plan must show a positive cash flow at the bottom of the line, because it must be possible to pay the repayments and interest on the loan.

After the plan, the next step is to mediate in financing. Rachid knows the ways to financing pots. These are indeed available in number in the Netherlands, but you have to know or find them. Most entrepreneurs know the bank as primary, but there is also crowdfunding, Qredits microcredit, credit unions, provincial development companies, investors, subsidy schemes, etc. etc. It often happens that the destination of the plan concerns a broker because the entrepreneur would like to rent or buy a property for his future business. Even then Rachid helps in the negotiations with the real estate agent, for example there are some important provisions that should actually be included in the contract to protect the tenant. This does not only concern the amount of the rent.

Tax matters go hand in hand with the management of the company. Because Rachid is originally a tax consultant, he can advise on the tax structure. This will first have to be set up: a fast-growing company will experience tax disadvantages if it is not incorporated as a BV. A tax-free conversion to a BV is then the right option. A BV does not have a start-up deduction, self-employed deduction or SME profit exemption, but does have a low corporate tax rate of 15.8% for profits up to € 395,000 and 25% above that (year 2022).

Rachid also provides advice and is an intermediary in other business financing, such as financial lease, commercial mortgages and the purchase of a home with the aim of renting out.