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WoW Classic – What You Need To Know About The Spider Wing In Naxxramas

WoW Classic Phase 6 has dropped bringing the last raid of the game. It is called Naxxramas. It is a 40-player raid that features several wings. Let’s take a look at the Spider Wing. You will be fighting against three bosses: Anub’Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, and Maexxna. The trash mobs in this wing don’t have any special mechanics so we will just list the boss tactics.

The Anub’Rekhan encounter has you dealing with some nasty adds. The crypt guard mobs have a cleave attack, they put a stacking DOT, they root players, and when they die they spawn other adds. These mobs have to be tanked away from the group and brought down as soon as possible. On top of that, any player from the raid that dies during this fight spawns mobs too. With that in mind, do your best to stay alive. The boss does an attack called Impale towards a random player. Use anything that can slow your fall to avoid taking additional damage from it. Players need to move away from the boss when it casts Locust Swarm as it silences them. The boss must be kited after this attack. It will move slower. The tactics repeat until the boss dies.

Grand Widow Faerlina is the next encounter. She is surrounded by six adds. The group should focus on the follower adds and leave the worshipers alone. Round up the worshiper adds and tank them away from the raid. When the boss enrages, one of the priests in your raid must mind control a worshiper to attack the boss and dispel her. The worshiper dies in the process. Keep in mind that you must bring the boss down before all four adds are dead. Move out of the Rain of Fire attack. This fight is a DPS race.

Maexxna is the third and final boss in this wing. Have the tank keep her in the middle of the room faced away from the raid. She does a frontal nature damage attack in front of her. The boss puts a debuff that reduces healing by 90% on the tank. This debuff should be cleared as soon as possible. Three players get wrapped up in spider webs. Ranged DPS should free them. When adds spawn, they can be killed fast with AOE. Healers need to be careful with players that stand near the boss as they can die during the Web Spray attack.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)