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Where to collect revolvers of the Old West

Is modern history your passion? Or just American history in general? Whatever your personal interest, Wild West Treasures has what it takes to boost your impressive collection revolvers of the Old West. Of course it’s important to know the backstory of your ancient items. These professionals know everything about their products, even who the previous user of their revolvers of the Old West were. From accessories and pistols to weapons and a variety of pistols… They bring history into your own home. Take a look at their website to get fully convinced to invest in this specific area of expertise. Sort the revolvers of the Old West by era, war, model or country to find your next purchase for your collection. Read more below and discover some examples of what they have to offer.  

The products in their professional offer

Not only revolvers of the Old West are available at Wild West Treasures, based in Belgium. With more than 10 years, they know everything there is to know about specific historic items. These examples are just a small selection of their range:

  • Antique combustible cartridges and primers
  • Wild West items
  • Pepperboxes
  • Swords belts and coats
  • Small pocket revolvers
  • Single shot pistols
  • Russian made items
  • US military primary single shot pistols
  • Rimfire revolvers
  • Revolving rifles
  • Derringers of all brands
  • Percussion revolvers
  • Maynard’s system revolvers and long guns
  • Japanese swords
  • Holsters, scabbards and leather items

Are you looking for a weapon of the Civil War or another specific area? Navigate through their website and find the perfect gift for yourself or another collector of revolvers of the Old West.

Get in touch with the company

Don’t be afraid to contact the team of Wild West Treasures when you have a question about their revolvers of the Old West, other products or shipping methods. The correct information to get in touch is displayed at the website. Simply phone them, send them an e-mail or fill in the online contact form for more information about their impressive collection.