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Where to buy a Whetstone

If you are looking for a way to keep your knives sharp and keen, than you have probably read about whetstones and sharpening steels. Sure, you can slice an onion with your dull knife, but a dull knife is much more dangerous for your safety than a scary sharp knife.

The danger of working with a dull knife comes from the amount of extra force you work on the knife. Since the edge of your knife won’t get any grip on the food you are trying to cut, it will be very likely to cut yourself in the fingers!

Sharpen your tools with a Whetstone!

So, like I mentioned before, why don’t you consider buying a whetstone. Now, if you live in the Netherlands, what is a good place to buy your sharpening tools?

It is very important to get some good quality help with your first purchase. Most starters will put there money in a cheap set of whetstones, but these stone will drag down very fast. After sharpening for the first time, you can already see the effects of the process. The stone will be in need of maintenance.

A good quality whetstone will increase the durability dramatically. After some good consultancy, I ordered the Norton Crystolon. It was €29,50 incl. shipping and I have to say, I am very impressed for such an economical stone.

I rebeveled an old chisel that had a way too thick edge. The coarse side of the SiC Crystolon took it down very fast and had little to no sign of sharpening left on it when I cleaned it. I had no problems with clean slicing a newspaper or topping of my arm hairs after a few strops.

Fair Price, Fair Treatment

Conclusion, if your looking for a good place to buy a new set of whetstones, this is the store you are looking for. You will get some good quality sharpening stone which will last a lifetime. For me, I would say my Crystolon is a dang good stone, thumbs up!