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Internet Review

I have been trying to find an easy way to start a website for my business, and finally came across

There are many options on the market for online website builders. Such as Godaddy, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. Unfortunately, they are way too expensive, usually costing nearly USD 100 yearly. They also have a rather steep learning curve for editing the websites and linking it all together. There are no free email accounts which again increases the cost of choosing them. Some even paste ads on your website on the paid plan such as weebly. All of them does not give me a .com domain name on the monthly plan.

Until I was introduced to and I must say Weberclay is the real deal!

– Monthly billing

– USD 5 monthly

– You get to choose a .COM domain name. Yes finally a company that provides a real .com domain name on their monthly billing plan. Hooray.

– You get a real email address @ your chosen .COM domain name – No setups fees, No hidden charges

– No contract, Cancel anytime

– No ads on your website

Immediately when I visited, I was asked to start choosing a .COM domain name. So that’s a good start. Weberclay provides everything with no extra charge.

Their system is a step by step guided system. No technical skills needed to use this. I completed the website in around 15 minutes! Which is awesome. By the way, if anyone wants to create a website, you should get ready some photos and write ups to be copied and pasted into the online web builder.

I am thankful to their support team also. As I needed some inspirations on what to write in a website, Elina from their tech team shared some great points and samples which helped me a lot. Cheers to Elina. Their tech team are really helpful.

Weberclay is really simple. Just add in the photos, add in the write ups, paste the facebook link, choose email address and proceed with the billing. They support automatic monthly payments by credit card. If you are looking for the real deal with the best pricing all in 1 package, go with