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Use the reliable Parker HRO watermaker

Are you in need of a watermaker? Then a Parker watermaker is the perfect solution. AquaControl Marine is a specialist in HRO systems. HRO Systems was also one of the first individual watermaking systems of its kind. It was founded in 1975. Before this year, getting potable water aboard a boat or ship was possible. But only by catching rain or using inefficient heat evaporation systems. So they needed something else, something way more efficient. Hence the development of HRO systems. HRO, or Horizon Reverse Osmosis, is a very efficient way of watermaking. It is a small-scale reverse osmosis desalination system. AquaControl Marine distributes potable water sysmes across the globe. They offer a watermaker of various Parker HRO systems, such as Sea Recovery or Village Marine. You can find compact, energy-efficient, fully automatic, or silent watermakers. Which system works best for your application, depends on the situation. You can ask their specialists for advice.

There are different types of watermakers

A Parker HRO watermaker is perfect for limited spaces and power options. The Village Marine is a world-leading company in this kind of technology. They have over 30 years’ experience in the water filtration industry. They design and manufacture their own systems; frames, modular, and semi-modular. These systems can be used in the most challenging environments. The Parker HRO watermaker is user-friendly and has cutting-edge technology. AquaControl Marine offers the Seafari Versatile, Seafari Mini, and Seafari Quest. They each have their perfect uses, such as use on a fishing boat for a small trip, on a power yacht or sailboat, or on boats with limited power options.

Use the expertise of this company

It is not always easy to figure out which Parker HRO watermaker is the most suitable in your case. AquaControl Marine is specialised in these systems and they have all the know-how. Ask them for advice in your situation. You can find their contact information on their website.