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Use Customer Journey Mapping to get an overview of your customer journey

Use Customer Journey Mapping to get an overview of your customer journey

By creating such a customer journey map, as a product or service provider, you will gain great insight into how your customers will experience purchasing a service and what steps this process consists of. So why should you use customer journey mapping?

What is the Customer Journey?

You can use the Customer Journey or Customer Journey to visually represent every moment a customer comes into contact with your organization. It begins in the orientation phase and ends with the purchase of a product or service (hopefully). But in reality, that’s not the only customer journey. Of course, investigating how to retain these customers for the company after purchase is also very helpful. The following describes the phase of the customer journey.


At the recognition stage, potential customers come into contact with your service or product for the first time. For example, via social media, online advertising, or the form of advertising. If you do it right, your product will stay in the customer’s mind.


This is the stage where the customer does not consider your product. You look for alternatives to see how good your product really is and if it’s not that expensive. Therefore, in this phase it is important to clarify why the product is superior to its competitors.

Purchase phase

We are currently in the final stages of our first purchase. Now it is important for customers to be able to purchase the product as easily as possible. Make sure the correct payment method is available.

Repeat purchase

The repurchase phase is also known as the retention phase. At this stage, we are mainly focusing on the possibility of shipping and returning the product. The service of your company is now even more important.


The final step is about loyalty. For example, you can build long-term customer relationships by asking for feedback or rewarding your customers with discounts and loyalty programs.

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