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Rawbet is an App that allows Gamers to play fifa on their Playstation or Xbox for money. See more here: 

You get matched, play the game fifa on your console and get paid money on the app. You can withdraw the fifa earned money anytime. Other video games will be added soon and will also be available to play for money and other cash prizes. See here

Playing fifa for money is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires a lot of skill that the matching system of the app is going to use to match you with an opponent. 

Gamers can play in wagers or multiplayer tournaments. 

Rawbet has a great FAQ page and support when playing fifa for money or other cash prizes. You can contact their support-team any time. 

As all the games are streamed via twitch, they can also be viewed and followed on Rawbet’s website directly and live. 

FIFA is just the start of this play for money concept. Users will soon be able to play for more. And bigger prizes and rewards. Wagering and matchmaking between friends is possible as well. The focus lies on the gamers skill. That’s why its considered a matchmaking competitive esports platform. 

If you still have questions of how it works see here

Otherwise we strongly recommend you to download the app that enables you to make money and win prizes playing fifa and other videogames. Rawbet is the single solution for live scores. 

Download the app and play fifa for money here!