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Monoxidil the generic brand of hair loss treatment

Monoxidil is a generic brand of hair loss treatment. It has the same composition as of Rogaine 2 percent but this Rogaine is a lot more expensive than Minoxidil. Why use expensive hair loss treatment like Rogaine when you can have the same positive effect with a less expensive cost like Minoxidil.

Just like hair loss or baldness, the process of making the hair grow again takes a lot of time. You may need to use Monoxidil daily to see the positive effect of this treatment. Use this daily for four months and see the positive results.

Using Minoxidil for treating hair loss may vary for every person. To some men, Minoxidil may work immediately but for others, it may take some time before seeing the positive result. Minoxidil will have to be used daily for 4 months to see the positive results. This may not be effective to everyone but is proven to be effective to others.

There is a study on the effectivity of Minoxidil to different age range. The study was with white men from 18 years old to 49 years old.

The study shows that 26 percent of the respondents answered that after 4 months of using Minoxidil, they are experiencing a moderate to dense hair re-growth and 33 percent had experienced a minimal hair re-growth.

A lot of men are experiencing hair loss or what is called the male pattern of baldness. Before, men who are suffering from this kind of problem will have to bear the consequences of being bald and just wait for their hair to fully disappear. But now, men can do something for their hair loss. Men now have Minoxidil and use it to remedy their problem with hair loss.

Minoxidil helps in reviving the dead and weakened hair roots of men. This helps in producing strong and healthy hair. Whatever your dilemma with your hair, Minoxidil can treat this and will give you a healthier, ticker and stronger hair. When applied regularly in just a few weeks, you can see the positive and amazing result.

The result of this treatment varies. If you do not see any positive result after applying Minoxidil for at least 4 to 12 months, then this means that Minoxidil is not for you. Stop the treatment and consult your doctor. Your doctor will give you a higher form of treatment for your hair loss problem.

Minoxidil is used externally. It is applied directly to the area where there is hair loss and should be applied twice a day. This must not be applied to other body parts aside from the head where there is a presence of hair loss.

This treatment has a 5 percent form of active ingredient. Remember not to use this treatment if the hair loss is sudden or irregular, if your scalp is somewhat like red, inflamed, irritated or infected.

Most importantly, this treatment must be used by 18 years of age and above. If you are using other topical prescriptions onto your scalp, then consult your doctor before applying Minoxidil.