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Make your work floor cable safe for employees

Do you want to improve the safety of your employees by making the work floor cable safe? With the safety products of ISP, you will definitely create a safer work environment for everyone. The safety hooks and cable guards are easy and efficient ways to bundle cables together. Especially in industries such as refineries, marine, offshore, paper mills and automotive, it is important that cables, wires and hoses are safely kept away to prevent tripping hazards and the damaging of important cables and wires. Contact the experts of ISP and find a solution for your industry that leads to a risk-free working environment.

Why choose the safety products from this company?

Do you want to know why the safety products from ISP are better than other safety products? The safety hooks are made from glass-fibre reinforced polyester. This means that these products hardly require any maintenance and have a high durability as well. Use these hooks together with the high-quality cable guards and you will create a safe work environment for all the employees. The safety hooks from ISP have several advantages. For instance, they can be used with only one hand, are bright yellow coloured for extra visibility and are available in four sizes: 6”, 9”, 12” and 15”. It also saves time to use a safety hook instead of bundling the cables together with tie wraps.

Discover the wide range of safety products that they offer

Do you want to create maximum safety for your employees? Discover the wide range of safety products that ISP offers and ask advice on what products are most effective in your work environment. The safety hooks and cable guards are perfect for industries where they use a lot of cables and wires, but if you want to make a construction site safe, there are probably other products that are more suitable. Ask the experts of ISP for advice!