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How to protect your baby from mosquitoes on vacation

Every parent wants to protect their baby in any way they can. And this can be hard at times. Babies are very vulnerable and they are not able to protect themselves just yet. They are in the beginning stages of building their immune system and this is often the time when many viruses carried by mosquitoes look for a new home. Especially when travelling with your baby this can happen. When you’re travelling to a country where there are more viruses, more types of mosquitoes or where the chance of getting a disease is bigger, it can get very difficult. How can you protect your baby during a vacation?

Do not forget to do the right research

Before buying tickets, first do research. You can find anything you want on the internet which is nice in this case. Maybe you can find blogs and articles about parents that have travelled before you. How did they experience this? Would they recommend it? What did they bring with them? How to prepare? There are so many question you want to be answered before stepping on a plane. Therefore it is very important to write down the most important things you find. Do not forget to call your doctor to ask if you net any vaccines. Maybe your doctor knows which medicines you need to bring with you and so on.

Smart packing for your baby

Of course it is very important to pack smartly. We searched for some products that everyone recommends for your baby. Think about preventing mosquito bites but also what to do when your baby gets bitten. We made a little list where you can add more things to:

–        A Baby bed canopy if you are travelling for a longer time of period;

–        Screens on a windy day outside. With screens you can easily prevent any mosquitoes from coming in your home;

–        Baby insect repellant sprays. There are a lot of sprays you can buy. Try to find the one that is recommended for the age your baby has.

How to treat a mosquito bite

Of course it can happen that you or your baby gets a mosquito bite. In this case it is important to know what to do. Try putting a bit of ice to cool the bite down. Next up use a lotion so the itching stops.