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How to improve retail sales

If you own a retail store you are probably always looking for new opportunities to attract more customers and improve sales. Obviously! As a retailer nowadays you really have to know all about your customer’s journey and what is going on at your location in order to achieve the best results. In the end, it is all about the numbers. Read into the following steps and start improving your retail sales today!

People counting

As a retailer it is so important to understand the customer journey and being able to anticipate on changing behavior. This will help you turn visitors into customers and make sure customers keep coming back. One way to understand the customer journey is to invest in a footfall counter. You will not only get insights in the customer journey but also on the following topics:

  • Optimal staff planning
  • Duration of stay in the shop
  • Insight in the number of returning visitors
  • Effectiveness of promotional marketing campaigns
  • Conversion rates
  • Customer service  
  • What days and times are most busy

Connecting with your customers is crucial. Understand what your customers want and need allows you to strategically plan your actions. To stay competitive it is vital to offer customers what they desire. In the end, your customers define the success of your store.   

Industry knowledge

When you have a lot of knowledge of the industry you are competing in, you can really turn this into a competitive advantage. Turn your industry knowledge into a clear vision, strive for achievable and realistic goals that are challenging for your business and create a strong market strategy. Delve into the correct target market and take a look at what your direct competitors are doing. It is always a good idea to learn from the pros and get fresh new ideas.    

Generate a buzz

Generating a buzz around your company is good to gain brand awareness and attract potential new customers. Did something special happen? Send a press release to the media and enjoy any free coverage you can get. Another idea to let people know about your shop is by visiting community events or hosting networking events. Get people talking!

More advertising

Think about which types of advertising opportunities suit your business. Do your customers spend a lot of time browsing the web? Think about advertising online through Google or use Social Media platforms. Are your customers into reading certain magazines or (local) newspapers? Put in an add there. Be where your customers are.  

On top of these steps you can also think about the following aspects to increase retail sales:

  • How to reduce waiting times in your shops
  • Is a loyalty program interesting
  • Am I authentic enough
  • How can I increase visibility
  • Should I change the way my store looks

There are a lot of different steps to take to improve retail sales of which we have only named a few. Starting with these tips will definitely get your business going. Chances are big you will find more opportunities on the way.