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How to choose a good real estate agent

Have you decided to sell your house or are you planning to buy a new house? In both cases, it can be very helpful to join forces with a real estate agent. He can help you to sell your house quicker and for a better price, and to buy your dream house for a reasonable price. Choosing a real estate agent is therefore an important task. But how do you choose the best real estate agent? This article provides you with some helpful tips for getting the right real estate agent.

Compare multiple agents

If you don’t really know where to start it’s very wise to talk to multiple real estate agents, so that you can compare them properly. This starts online by reading reviews and checking out their websites and rates. When you are selling your house, you can invite multiple agents to your home. After all, every agent will make a different estimation of what your property is worth.

Choose a local agent

If you want to get the best possible help, it is very important that you choose a real estate agent that really knows the local market and has the biggest expertise in the situation that you are in. For example, if you are going to work in the Netherlands and want to get real estate in Rotterdam or buy a house in The Hague, you should consider hiring an agent who has specialized himself in the expat market.

Hire an agent that goes the extra mile for you

You will get the most success if your real estate agent is really willing to go the extra mile for you. Therefore, look for an agent who also works during weekends and evening hours, and is always reachable via Whatsapp. Furthermore, it is also interesting to choose an agent who works on a no-cure-no-pay basis. In this way, you’re sure that your agent is always committed to get a good result for you.