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How do you choose your internet provider now?

Do you choose an internet subscription based on the price and do you want to know who this year internet provider is for you? Then you do well to compare providers by price. Also in 2019 Some providers have raised their prices, others have lowered their prices. We are happy to give you three tips to take into account for your assignment. That way you better weigh which onesprovider is the best choice for you.

1. Cheapest internet provider and internet speed

An important point to use the internet is always the internet speed.

if you are simply looking for the right provider, the internet speed will matter. The internet provider gets a lower internet speed in combination with

  • DSL. It is also good to find out about the achievable internet speed at your address. We explain that
  • you out
  • DSL level
  • DSL internet, which you receive at home via the telephone line, is relatively cheaper than cable and fiber optic internet.

But the duration of internet speed that you will receive at your address depends on (A) DSL distance from your home to the district exchange. This is in contrast to cable and fiber optic internet, where you get thepromised speed with your subscription also received no deed.

Check the maximum speed of your internet provider

If you live further away from the district exchange, this will result in a loss of speed. You cannot extend the maximum get internet speed at your home, which you get with your subscription. That is why we always advise on (A) DSL to look at the maximum speed you have is at your address.

Is the maximum achievable internet speed with (A) DSL at your address lower than the same as the speed that comes with your subscription? Then you also get the most out of your subscription.

The other way around, when the promised internet speed with your subscription is higher than the maximum speed that can be achieved at your address, you will not get out of your subscription. The question is of course how much pleasure you get from your internet subscription and it really is cheaper. It is a real shame if you are at the that provider is, but you have to be a lot slower.