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Get swivel flanges for your piping system from this one-stop web shop

Do you need swivel flanges to build a piping system or to adjust an existing piping system? Are you looking for a reliable supplier who delivers high-quality products in a short matter of time? Then is the one-stop web shop where you need to be. In this web shop, you can directly order all the materials you need for your piping system. This means you do no longer have to order your products from different suppliers and wait until everything arrives, before starting your task. You simply order everything at once and receive it at once as well!

The types of swivel flanges you can order from this web shop

Swivel flanges are a specific type of flange, that consists of a heavy forged welding hub in combination with a rotating forged ring. The benefit of these flanges is that they allow easy and rapid alignment of bolt holes, when attaching to a standard flange. This saves time when aligning the bolt holes in piping systems, which is why they are often used in offshore piping systems. Even though the application of swivel flanges is always similar; as they are always used to connect pipe sections to each other, they do differ per product. At, you can buy swivel flanges in different pressure ratings and dimensions. This way, you will always find the right ones for your specific application.

Directly place your order

Do you know exactly which swivel flanges you need for your application? Then directly order them from To do so, simply select all the products you need in their web shop, add them to your quote request and submit your request. The supplier gets back to you as soon as possible with a competitive offer, after which you can directly order your desired products. They will be delivered to your doorstep swiftly!