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Follow these tips if your iPhone side button is broken

It is very difficult if the side button of your iPhone is broken. For example, if the side button no longer works, you cannot turn off the iPhone. In this tip we discuss issues with the iPhone side button as:

  • The side button is stuck
  • The side button no longer responds when pressed
  • The side button has become detached from the device

The iPhone side button is the large button on the right side of the device and is also called on / off button or snooze button. Since the iPhone 7, this button is no longer on the top of the device. All kinds of problems can occur with the button. If the button is stuck, you can no longer turn off the iPhone, take screenshots or make emergency calls. It is almost as annoying that your iPhone home button is broken and you can no longer use all kinds of functions.

  • Check button
  • Restart iPhone
  • Pressing does not work
  • Keep using
  • Repair

# 1 Check iPhone side button

It is a good idea to take a good look at the side button first. Do you have a case for your iPhone? Remove it and check whether the cover does not block the button. Any protective film can also cause problems, so remove it too. Soft rubber covers tend to crumble gradually, with pieces of material coming between the button and the case. After a while the button becomes more difficult to press.

iPhone side button broken

It is possible that dirt will prevent you from pressing the button properly. The best way to clean the button is with a soft cloth or a cotton swab. No matter how tempting it is, even with a watertight iPhone, cleaning with water is not recommended. But you can go along the edges with a damp cloth to remove any soft drinks and other sticky liquids that prevent you from pressing the button properly.


If the button has fallen out of the device, then brushing of course no longer makes sense. In that case you are dependent on iPhone repair.