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Flavor in your e-cigarette will soon be banned: 'People will start smoking regular cigarettes again'

Banning flavors in e-cigarettes means that we are all going back to the ‘old’ cigarette en masse. The Esigbond, the trade association in the electronic cigarette industry, warns against this. “This is counterproductive. If you ban flavors and go back to the tobacco flavor, people will start smoking regular cigarettes again,” Esigbond president Emil ‘t Hart told Hart van Nederland.

Experiment at home

And that’s not the only problem. ‘t Hart fears that people will experiment at home with flavorings that may be harmful. Arjan Hanegraaf also fears homebrewers and the possible consequences. He works at Millers Juice in Oosterhout, where aromas for e-cigarettes are made. “Testing a flavor takes a lot of time. You sometimes need twenty to thirty ingredients to make a strawberry flavour.” Hanegraaf emphasizes that all the substances they use are not harmful if they evaporate. Something homebrewers may not consider.

E-cigarette step up to regular butt?

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health advocates the ban on making smoking less attractive to young people. According to him, the e-cigarette is a stepping stone to smoking regular cigarettes. Nonsense, according to Hart. He says he sees no increase in young users due to the flavors in the electronic cigarette. Moreover, according to him, the e-cigarette is ’95 percent healthier than a normal cigarette’. “The e-cigarette is a good solution for very inveterate smokers”, is the opinion of ‘t Hart.

More harmful than thought

Nevertheless, the Trimbos Institute says after research that the e-cigarette is more harmful than is often e cigarettes store for the best quality. But how harmful the electric alternative really is will only become apparent in decades. “Lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer often take decades to develop,” Trimbos said last month. “But as a precaution, the use of the smoking materials should be discouraged.” A conclusion that ’t Hart does not agree with. He wants to sit down with politics.

‘A disaster’

At ‘t Damphuukske in Oss they are now afraid that they will soon be able to close doors. The store specializes in e-cigarettes and the accompanying flavors. “This is going to cost me half of my income. I don’t know if I’m going to survive this,” said a concerned owner Marion van Gaal. “I have also suffered a lot of loss due to corona. And now this. It’s a disaster.” And the customers are also disappointed: everyone who speaks Hart van Nederland uses a flavour. Usually something fruity. And some customers are very clear about the ban: “It sucks, really annoying.”

20,000 deaths per year

But State Secretary Blokhuis is not interested in that. According to him, there is “very hard work” to make smoking difficult. Yet every year 20,000 people in our country die from the effects of smoking. And 75 children light their first cigarette every day, the State Secretary calculates. “The new insights confirm that the smoke-free generation that is arriving must also be an e-cigarette-free generation. There is no room in it for e-cigarettes with all kinds of seductive, exotic flavors.” Last month there was also a ban on menthol cigarettes, in order to discourage smoking. It is not yet known when the flavors of e-cigarettes will be banned.