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Expensive things you may not use but can sell

There are many collectors around the world that collect the most random items that sometimes, people just have laying around. Sometimes, the value of these random items has simply gone up a lot higher than people would have expected. Point is, there is a big chance that you own something that is pretty expensive and you probably aren’t even using it. So might as well sell it! In this blog post, we will show you a list of some items you should check if they are in your possession, chances are you can get some easy cash.

Vintage toys

If your grandparents kept the toys they had as kids or the toys they bought your parents when they were kids, start doing some research on the toys you have right now! You may have hit the vintage toy jackpot. The older the better. If your parents saved the toys they gave you as a kid, don’t hesitate to research those too. A vintage barbie may get you a little something to keep your pockets warm.

An IPv4 address

If by chance you have extra IPv4 addresses, you are in luck. In 2019, the RIPE NCC put out a statement letting us all know that all the IPv4 addresses they had for distribution had run out. This, unfortunately, means that extra IPv4 addresses will have to be either purchased or leased and the prices for a single address have gone very high. This is good news for you if you have IPv4 addresses going unused. If you sell IPv4 addresses you will need to search for an IP broker you can trust and work with them.

Old magazines

It’s ethical to search your grandparents’ attic for their old magazine stash right? Vintage magazines, especially from bigger brands like Elle, Vogue, and others, can go for quite a lot thanks to other collectors or fashion fanatics. There are even certain, spicier, magazines such as the Playboy magazine that can go for a lot of money. So, if you happen to find any of those kinds of magazines in your grandparent’s attic, then maybe have a few of them mysteriously disappear and some money mysteriously show up in your pocket. We’re kidding, ask first of course.