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Enhance Asset Tracking With The Globalstar SmartOne Asset Tracker

Tracking and location technology inputs has become an essential component of industrial processes, particularly in the 21st century. These systems have played a great role in helping businesses keep track of how their assets are being moved within the supply chain. So if you are into this line of business, you ought to be thinking of a reputable system that has efficient asset tracking capabilities.

With that being said, I hereby bring to your notice the magnificent SmartOne Asset Tracker. This post will be helping you understand why this device has got superior tracking abilities when compared to its counterparts.

Suitable for a host of tracking responsibilities

As an asset-ready, satellite-managed tracker, the SmartOne is designed to suit various tracking responsibilities. For instance, it is perfect for tracking boats, vehicles, and intermediate containers. This tested and practical solution will help improve the security and efficiency of your assets’ operations.

With various features like its 12 reporting times, low battery notification, dynamic reporting schedules, and a 24 hour operation mode interval, it’s obvious that this tracking solution offers a variety of options that can make your tracking more efficient and reliable. It’s also important to note that its tracking abilities works effectively for both mobile and fixed types of assets.

Powering the device

Powering the Globalstar SmartOne Asset Tracker is as simple as plugging it to a power source or allowing it to work with its backup power. If you lack an external power source or your backup is down, you can line-power the device. However, if there is backup power and power ceases flowing through the line-power, the device will instantly switch to the backup automatically to ensure you stay in the information loop.

That said, there is one advantage that comes with using the line-power, and that is the fact that it allows for more monitoring of asset location due to an increase in the frequency of messaging.

Key features

There are a number of key features that make the SmartOne asset tracker device stand out from the rest. I’ll be rolling out those features for you here;

  • Simple and fast installation. You only need brackets, screw mounts, or industrial adhesives to install it.

  • Works with 5V external power source, 8 – 22 volts regulator cables, or 4 Triple As lithium batteries.

  • Reduced messaging. The message reduction mode stops the device from sending too many messages when it is in a particular location.

  • Automatic alerts. Alteration of location prompts messages to be sent, particularly when the asset is moving away from the location that has been predetermined.

  • Can accept TTL signals from external sources

  • Button for on and off. For initiating the option of GPS re-centering.


The world of location and asset tracking just got better with the SmartOne Asset Tracker. Having gone through the features of this device in this post, you can easily see why it appears to be a preferred choice for keeping tabs on your assets.