Discover an extensive range of flue dampers at this specialist

When looking for flue dampers, you want them to offer optimal performance for your boiler system and the guarantee they will last a long time. The dampers are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path. Therefore, Boiler flue dampers have to be able to withstand high temperatures and tough conditions. If you want the guarantee of high-quality boiler flue dampers, you get your dampers at Hoogenboom Valves. They have over thirty years of experience with designing and producing numerous types of industrial damper valves.

Choose the right damper for your boiler flue

Look no further if you require new industrial dampers, because they have an extensive range with all kinds of them. How about a blocking air damper valve, bypass/diverter damper valve, butterfly damper valve or louvre valves? However, if the extensive stock of Hoogenboom Valves does not hold the specific boiler you require, they still have options for you. They are perfectly able and more than happy to design and manufacture a bespoke flue damper to your exact specifications. Your bespoke damper will be developed according to the latest developments in the industry. With the high-end 3D drawing software they own, they will design and manufacture exactly what you need.

They never beat around the bush

Get in contact with this specialist and you will experience their personal and clear-cut approach. They truly believe in involving you in every step of the process and will listen to your needs and rely on your insights. Check out all the products they offer and learn about the way they do business. Contact the experts of this company today and let them know what type of dampers you require for your boiler flue!