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Cylinder locks at mc-cilinder

When you leave for work every day or go to sleep at night, you want to feel very safe. A burglar who can suddenly enter the house is something no one wants and then good security is exactly what you are looking for. A good lock on the door can ensure that a burglar skips the door, but can also ensure that he is stopped when he still tries to break open the door. As you can see, a good lock is indispensable, but which locks are we talking about? A good lock against burglars

When we talk about good locks,

we are always talking about a cylinder lock. Cylinder locks work in a different way than other locks. That is why the lock has been given this name. The lock consists of a cylinder. There are small sticks in this cylinder. To open the lock, these sticks must be in a certain position and the key must be turned in the lock. The sticks come into this position by inserting the key of certain shape into the lock. The sticks form around the key and it is then also possible to turn the key. It is therefore quite possible with these locks to put the wrong key in the lock. At the same time, it is impossible to turn the key through which the lock eventually opens. All in all, this is already good security, but this alone is not enough.

Extra security

A burglar learns better and better which locks he can break open and which way. Likewise with cylinder locks. A cylinder lock needs core pull protection to be completely safe from the burglar. In core pulling, a burglar uses a screwdriver with which he drills a screw in the lock. He can then use other tools to pull the screw out of the cylinder lock again. The door has been forced open and the burglar strikes. You also want to prevent this way of breaking in, which is why core pull protection is so important. A hardened, steel nose is placed around the cylinder, making it impossible to just drill a screw in the lock and break the door open. If you are looking for the right lock with the right security, cylinder locks with core pull protection are the right choice for you.