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Coffeeshop Tour of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is widely known for its tulips, bicycles, canals, and weed industry. Weed in particular is one of the reasons Amsterdam is so well-known throughout the world. The coffeeshop scene in Amsterdam has been known to host celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Rihanna and Samuel L. Jackson. These celebrities (and more) have been known to enjoy a joint in some of the many coffeeshops you are able to visit in our city. Personal, recreational use of weed as a resident and/or visitor is allowed here in the Netherlands. If you are interested in learning more and seeing it for yourself, our Coffeeshop tour Amsterdam is certainly a worthwhile way to see this unique aspect of our city and learn everything about the process involved in the industry.


Learn all about weed and see it for yourself!

During our tours we show you the very best coffee shops in the city of Amsterdam and tell you everything you’d like to know about this famous industry in the Netherlands. Our guide explains the reasons for legalizing weed, how hash is made and which foods are made with it, among many other things. During our tours we will also take you to an authentic weed garden and show you the birthplace of the biggest criminal in Amsterdam. In addition to what the tour guide will share with you on the tour, you are, of course, free to ask any questions you have about weed and what is involved in the coffeeshop industry. Our coffeeshop tour of Amsterdam is a fun and educational glimpse into the weed capital of Europe. 

You can book our Coffeeshop Tour of Amsterdam in 3 ways

We strive to make every Coffeeshop Tour of Amsterdam unique in an environmentally conscious way. We offer three sustainable ways to do this tour; by bicycle, boat or a walking tour. For more information and the prices for a coffeeshop tour Amsterdam visit our website! It is a wonderful way to enjoy our beautiful country, its 17 million inhabitants and 18 million bicycles. We guarantee an unforgettable day enjoying our beautiful city with our Coffeeshop Tour of amsterdam.