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Cleaning a spray painter

A good and perfect spray result is the sum of several things. Of course, the craftmanship of the sprayer is of crucial importance in paint spraying. However, the quality of spraying equipment certainly also requires a major role. A skilled craftsman will always ensure that the used best wagner paint sprayer and nozzles are clean. Because one thing is certain; a professional works ‘clean’. How do you ensure a clean spray painter? Cleaning is done thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaner.


Ultrasonic cleaning works quickly and effectively. It is not always easy to spend enough care and time in intensive production environments to keep spray equipment paint sprayers and spray materials clean. Fortunately, ultrasonic cleaning offers a solution. The high vibration frequency ensures a clean result of spray equipment down to the smallest gaps and holes.


How does that work, ultrasonic cleaning? Ultrasonic cleaning works based on high frequency sound waves. The inaudible vibrations ensure that ‘residues’ such ad dirt and dust are literally vibrated from a surface. The harder the surface, the better the ultrasonic vibrations can do their job. So, you can imagine that a rubber surface absorbs the vibrations, so that the dirt is not removed. An ultrasonic does nothing without cleaning fluid. Because it is ultimately the vibrations via this cleaning fluid that remove the dirt form the paint sprayer. The optimal cleaning agent can be used depending on the surface to be cleaned. Let us advise you on which resources are the most suitable for which applications and surfaces. Finally, heating can also be used to remove even the most stubborn dirt.


The benefits of ultrasonic cleaning? The most important advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is the guarantee to achieve a qualitative and perfect result. Because clean equipment and paint sprayers ensure a good finish. Furthermore, good maintenance ensures less disturbances and failure and significantly prolong the life of your spray equipment. The third big advantage is the time gain compared to manual cleaning.