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Choosing Hosting for Asia – Does it really need to be in Asia?

A lot of people aren’t sure about where they should host their new website. They hear lots of stories about how page speed is so important … and those stories happen to be true. But, how much can being hosted somewhere else really effect things? Would web hosting in Thailand really be that much faster than a major hosting company in the USA?



The truth is, yes, if your target is Thailand or nearby. It can add seconds to loading times, and sometimes international connections can get so jammed up that the website can even fail to load. It will load fast where it is based, but when it is connecting through numerous data centers to travel from the USA to Thailand, that takes time. The internet is faster nowadays for sure, but seconds matter online!


The way to think about website loading is that every second is like 5 mins in the real world. Say you really want to buy a burger from your favorite stand and the queue is 5-10 mins. Chances are you’ll buy from them. However, if the queue is 15-45 mins, will you queue up? No! And online it is just the same. If a website doesn’t load in a few seconds, the user often bounces back to their search and picks another website.


What about CDNs?


Content display networks are amazing things for making your website load quite quickly in most locations. However, this is really only useful if your customers and visitors are global. You still also want things to load quickly when the website doesn’t load through the CDN (it loads from the server). This is why if your target audience is Thailand or a nearby Asian country, then it makes sense to host your website locally. If you later find you get international customers, then you could also add a CDN for images etc. to speed up international load times.