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A down comforter is loved by many people, but why?

Down is among the lightest comforter fillings. Due to the great heat retaining capacity of down flakes and feathers, little filling is needed and yet it retains enough warmth to get a lovely autumn and winter comforter. Compared to a wool comforter, this can easily save a kilo! Because there is a lot of air between the down that is warmed by body heat, you get a very cozy feeling. Down also gives off excess heat quickly so that there is always a constant temperature under the comforter.

Soft & Voluminous
A down comforter feels soft and falls wonderfully around you while you hardly feel it. Goose down comforters have more volume than duck down filled comforters simply because the down flake and feather of a goose is larger than that of a duck. Both types of down are very light and feel very comfortable.

Natural, Breathable and Anti-allergic
Down is a natural filling. It comes from (depending on the type of comforter) ducks or geese. It is a natural material that has very good insulating and moisture regulating properties. Down is a material that absorbs little moisture and therefore does not provide a habitat for dust mites. Also, it will never become swelteringly warm as there is always a dry sleeping environment.

Low maintenance
Everyone likes to lie in a fresh bed. Sometimes it is necessary to wash your comforter. With down, however, it is sufficient if you do this once every 4 to 5 years (depending on use). However, it is important to shake the comforter a few times a week. Furthermore, it is sufficient to air the down comforter occasionally in the fresh air outside. Practical right? Should you want to wash it, take it to a special laundry to preserve the quality of the comforter.