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Tulip bulbs in the UK: A blossoming delight from

Tulips have long been adored for their vibrant colours and elegant beauty, making them one of the most popular flowers worldwide. In the UK, gardeners and flower lovers eagerly await the blooming season of these beautiful flowers. To meet this growing demand,, an online shop specialising in tulip bulbs, has become the destination in the UK for all things tulip.

The flowering tulip bulb range

At, customers are welcomed to a wide range of tulip bulbs, each carefully selected to suit different tastes and preferences. From classic red and pink varieties to unique parrot tulips with enchanting fringed edges, the collection is designed to adorn gardens with a myriad of colours and styles.

Top quality

Bulbi is proud to offer only tulip bulbs UK of the highest quality. The webshop works with reputable growers and suppliers to ensure every bulb is healthy and ready to bloom. The strict quality measures ensure that customers receive tulip bulbs that meet or exceed their expectations, making every purchase a delightful experience.

Convenient online ordering

The digital age has revolutionised the way we shop and Bulbi has embraced this transformation wholeheartedly. Customers can now order their favourite tulip bulbs from home, saving time and effort when browsing through the extensive online catalogue. With just a few clicks, tulip lovers can quickly get their tulip bulbs delivered to their homes, ready to be planted and lovingly cared for.

Expert gardening tips

Bulbi is more than an online shop; it is a centre of knowledge and expertise. In addition to the tulip bulbs on offer, the website offers valuable gardening tips and advice for successful planting and flowering. From optimal planting depth to ideal sunlight exposure, the guidance enables both seasoned gardeners and beginners to successfully cultivate their tulip dreams.

Seasonal offerings

As the seasons change, so does the offer on Bulbi. The webshop regularly has exciting seasonal deals and offers, making it the perfect destination for affordable, high-quality tulip bulbs. Whether it’s a spring sale or a summer special, customers can plant tulips all year round without spending a lot of money.

What colour are the flowers of the tulip purissima?

One of the popular varieties is the tulip purissima, with its brilliant white flowers. This fosteriana tulip is loved for its large flowers and strong stems. The flowers first bloom from cream to full white, making them a beautiful addition to any garden landscape. Whether you combine them with other Emperor/Fosteriana tulips or plant them as solitary flowers, Purissima tulips always provide a fresh and timeless look. Purissima tulips can be planted in autumn and flower in spring. 

Don’t wait any longer and order your tulip bulbs UK at today, so you can enjoy a colourful and vibrant landscape in spring!