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Screening Solutions For A Health Care Environment

The healthcare departments have gone above and beyond and in many cases have made sacrifices to ensure others are safe as we navigate through COVID-19. As much as this has taken us by surprise, it’s clear to see we are in safe hands and we have a fantastic NHS service which has excelled during this difficult and uncertain time.

Whilst the job of a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker is to work with patients and get them better, it’s important to think about the staff and how we can take they’re safety into our hands.

It’s without a doubt that precautions have been taken in the way of mandatory masks, visors and PPE, but is PPE enough and what other measures are suitable as we continue to combat coronavirus?

Freestanding Desktop Screens

As a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery, hospital waiting area or specialist ward, you’ll come in contact with a large number of people – both visitors and patients. Reducing the contact between others is a key factor to reducing infection numbers, and with the help of barriers and screens we hope a difference can be made.

The freestanding Desktop Screen is light weight and simple to use. Designed with freestanding support legs and a cut out for transferring important and confidential documents, the acrylic screen can be placed on any worktop or desk area. The clear acrylic material ensures you can communicate with ease and clean regularly throughout the day.

Portable Room Dividers

A portable room divider is a popular choice for the healthcare environment as it’s possible to move the screen between wards and adds additional privacy when required. The portable design ensures the screen is easy to move and the concertina features allows the panels to be folded securely away.

Another important benefit is the REACH compliant laminate that can be wiped clean but also withstands the use of bleach and chlorine-based cleaning products. The white gloss laminate finish accepts whiteboard pens so notes can be made in a hurry.

Anti-bacterial Screens

Anti-bacterial screens offer a unique finish with the use of treated fabric which prevents the growth of germs and is also resistant to blood and urine. In a hospital or clinical environment, the patient needs will change and the Anti-bacterial screens cater to this no matter the issue.

The material can be wiped clean, but with treated technology your screens will be fighting bacteria as standard. Specialised anti-bacterial aluminium frame with silver ions completes the screens and the anti-bacterial benefits.