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Innovative library solutions

A wealth of library solutions

Dialoc ID offers a wealth of library solutions, from book to shelf. Built to a high standard with decades of industry experience, their products are used all over the world in public libraries and larger institutions. Their products are designed with a modern design aesthetic with excellent performance and reliability. Here’s what to expect from their products.


Dialoc ID offers library solutions from its HQ in the Netherlands. Every one of their products is designed and produced on-site in Holland, with support operated from their offices in Harderwijk. Aside from their products’ high design quality, they are also designed to be future-proof through the implementation of RFID scanning. They are also designed to be environmentally friendly.

Complete solutions for the ideal library

In terms of library solutions, everything from the security detection stage to circulation systems is included within Dialoc’s integrated library network. State of the art library card readers and self-service check-out machines are included to help patrons quicky and efficiently check-in books. Fitting within current behind-the-counter services, their self-service products work with your current Library Management Software. Ergonomically designed, they offer many self-service library solutions at a range of budgets, offering the ability to Check-in, check- out, renew and overview user accounts, with a handy e-mail feature notifying patrons of their loans and dates.


Every clink in the library chain is covered with Dialod ID, including a world-class stock control reader which allows librarians to scan shelves quickly. As with other library solutions offered, it’s ergonomically designed and light, with fool-proof software and system integration. You can check inventory with the device, as well as search and weed books for patrons.


As a whole, Dialoc ID offers inspirational solutions for the modern library with intuitive design for staff, patrons and managers.