Boost your telephone signal and lockpicking

Nowadays everywhere you go there is a good telephone signal so there is almost no need anymore for a signal booster. But what you dont see everyday is lockpicking.

Lockpicking is a sport to open locks as fast as possible with nothing more then lockpicks. Im actually Dutch and I use this site quite allot to learn more about the art of lockpicking. It always surprises me there are not so many people who practise this sport.

It is actually quite strange because everywhere you go there are locks. We are highly dependant on locks so it seems to me that it is rather strange that there are not so many lockpickers. People who test and explore locks. This is an excellent source for learning more about preventing lockpicking.


What makes a good lock?

Everybody just accepts that locks are good and trustworthy but noone seems its worthwhile to check if they actually are. So that is why I think its so interesting to actually pick locks yourself. This is the best way to test if a lock is good.