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Advice on the use of Calophylle oil

Well-being depends on a perfectly healthy body. And to achieve a healthy body, it is advisable to use quality products. As part of your body’s development, you can make good use of Calophylle oil, which is both a regenerating product for the skin and a repairing product for the body. Here are the strong points to remember about the benefits of this oil.

Calophyll oil identity card

Known as Tamanu in Polynesia, calophyll oil comes from the Tamanu tree. Its botanical name is Calophyllum inoplyllum in the clusiaceae family. The Tamanu tree that produces this vegetable oil is cultivated in Vietnam, Tahiti, Madagascar and also in India. For organoleptic properties, the Tamaru tree can evolve according to the production conditions of the place where the tree is planted. Climatic conditions can therefore come into play for a favourable growth of the tree. And to obtain the oil contained in the plant, it is necessary to extract the seeds from the dried almonds.
This is a type of oil that keeps very well with an extremely stable sensitivity to oxidation. When stored in a place with a temperature below 20°C, this oil tends to solidify. However, this phenomenon does not in any way affect all the qualities of the product. Calophylle oil is greenish in colour and has a slightly strong odour that is close to the smell of earth and curry. Its texture is greasy and also thick with a pronounced taste.

Use of Calophylla Oil on the Skin and Body

Each person has a very varied skin type. So when using products to be used on the skin, it is very important to be vigilant to avoid unpleasant surprises. Especially for pregnant women, whose use of essential oils is not recommended under any circumstances. It is allowed to apply Calophylle oil on pimples and also on redness that may form on their bodies. For such a treatment, it is necessary to apply one or two drops of this oil on the area to be treated (between 5 to 6 times a day). After two days, the infection must be cured. You can also use this vegetable oil on scratches as well as on the healing process to obtain convincing results.

But it is not only the skin that can be treated with Tamanu oil. Muscle pain and joint problems can also be treated with this vegetable oil. As an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, calophyllum oil can be used to soothe and even eliminate pain in joints and muscles. Once the massage on the painful area is finished, a hot water bottle or blanket should be placed over the area to keep it warm. If you have back pain that recurs on a daily basis, you can count on the magical virtues of Calophylle oil to bring you more relief. This type of massage is also recommended for mothers-to-be who are having difficulty adopting their new posture.

Heavy leg problems caused by poor blood circulation can also be alleviated by applying calophyllum vegetable oil to the area that hurts you the most. And if the strong smell of this oil bothers you, note that you can always combine it with sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil to soften your sense of smell.

If you are looking for Tamanu oil that is both safe and natural, Mahana Calophyllum oil will surely seduce you. 100% pure, virgin and natural, this oil is without additives, preservatives or perfume and retains all its properties.

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