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A fund that makes children's wishes come true

Did you know that wishes give children with critical illnesses hope? When a child is facing an unaddressable challenge, a wish gives them something to look forward to and helps them get through their scary and uncertain future. Many children have expressed that their wish experience was the most memorable moment of their illness so far. That’s because a child’s wish offers something beyond medicine – it gives them something magical, secret and special. A wish is the power of belief, imagination and the courage to confront fears – all in one sentence! Wishes are about rediscovering what’s important in life. They restore hope when there seems to be little left. In times of darkness, they offer light.Wishing wells are found in fairy tales, myths and legends because they exist only in these fictional places! Sadly, in real life we don’t have magic wells where you toss a coin, insert your desire and voila! Your wish comes true…yet! You see, not every child has access to this magical opportunity… Make a wish to give children hope and help the children. 

How a Child’s Wish Changes Their Lives

Who are these children? These patients, aged 3 to 18, who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and are out of treatment, are facing life-threatening issues. Make-A-Wish is for medically fragile children with life-threatening conditions. Because every Make-A-Wish child has an incurable condition, we believe that each one of these children deserves to have a fantasy and experience pleasure. When faced with a medical challenge, these patients cannot always control the circumstances. However, when they go on a wish and imagine and dream, they can feel in control again and regain their strength.

Becoming an Wish Ambassador can assist us in recruiting new volunteers, donors, and members to our cause. You can inform people about the significance of a wish experience by spreading the word. You may assist us in recruiting volunteers, for example, by holding an event or recruiting volunteers.

There are many ways to volunteer with Make-A-Wish. You can assist Make-A-Wish with a variety of tasks, whether you’re in your house or at a public place. You may assist Make-A-Wish by hosting a charity event, participating in a special event with wish families, or becoming a mentor to a child waiting for their wish to come true. You may also help us recruit new volunteers by sharing your expertise. Learn about the origins of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.