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Working temporarily in the Netherlands

Are you coming to work in the Netherlands temporarily as a foreigner? Then there are several important things to arrange. For example, in the Netherlands you are obliged to be insured for necessary health care costs. If you live here for three months or more, you will need to take out Dutch health insurance. This also applies to any family members who come with you. Even if you already have health insurance in your country of origin. In order to take out health insurance, you must first be registered with the municipality where you are going to live.

Health insurance for migrant workers

There is a lot of choice from different health insurers, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. Taking out and cancelling a health insurance is sometimes quite a hassle. And this while you already have to arrange as much as you come to live in the Netherlands. That is why HollandZorg has created a special health insurance for labour migrants.

We take your situation into account and make taking out a health insurance a lot easier. If desired, your employer can arrange this for you. In this case you will receive a discount on your premium. If you are entitled to care allowance, this can also be requested by your employer. Will you (temporarily) return to your country of origin? Then your insurance can easily be stopped and reactivated upon your return.

Convenience for the employer

HollandZorg has also thought about employers. As an employer you can use our Business Portal, which gives you insight into the policy administration of your employees. This allows you to easily keep an overview. Applying for care allowance for your employees is also easy, because HollandZorg has made agreements about this with the tax authorities. More information about HollandZorg insurances can be found on our website, but of course you can also contact us. We will be happy to help you further.