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Why would you need a barred tee?

A barred tee is a fitting derived from a regular tee. In fact, it is a standard tee with bar plates in the branch outlet. The difference is in the functionality and that is why it is important to know precisely how the two fittings differ. The barred tee has a very specific function when it comes to pigging, the technical cleaning of your pipe system. An ecological cleaning prop is used, which is called the pig. This prop floats through your pipe system. A barred tee’s function is to direct the pig in the correct direction, as the barred tee connections block the prop. Ask for help from a specialist, like, for tips and advice about the installation of tee-fittings to get the most out of the fittings.

Buy the best cunifer systems

An alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe), that is where the name ‘Cunifer’ stands for. Cunifer pipes are very common in maritime applications. Cunifer pipes are extremely useful since they can handle highly corrosive seawater environment because of their high corrosion protection. They are also widely used for saltwater systems because of their anti-fouling abilities. The best cunifer systems are undoubtedly available from the top pipeline specialist Their wide selection of products is sure to include something to meet your specific needs.

Turn to a specialist for specific advice

The purchase of these technical products can be difficult since there are so many different types of fittings. Do not hesitate to ask an experienced specialist for help, such as They will help you choose the right products for your piping system. They are convinced that it is of the utmost importance that their customers can check all the details of their products at a single glance, so they can purchese exactly what they need in an efficient way.