Where does the name Side by Side refrigerator come from?

Where does the word actually come from? With a little knowledge of the English language, you can quickly guess why the refrigerator type is called that. The name comes from the two doors next to each other. In contrast to normal refrigerators, in side by side they are not next to each other (fridge and freezer compartment) but next to each other. As a result, the devices are of course wider than a simple refrigerator. 

The Liebherr side by side refrigerators design have their origin in America, in the land of unlimited possibilities, of course, the refrigerator must also be designed accordingly. In recent years you can find it more and more in Europe. Here, however, it is considered a luxury property.

With the American colleague, however, our models in retail only have the distribution in common. Because the European market has its own standards and sizes in terms of capacity. In short, the American devices are usually somewhat larger than their European counterparts. Energy consumption also plays a greater role in Europe than in America.

Structure and functionality of the side by side refrigerator
The technical design of the Side by Side refrigerator is very similar to that of a normal refrigerator. At the beginning of the side by side trend, the cooling circuits were mostly still together. These circuits are now separate for most devices. This allows the fridge and freezer to be set independently of each other.

Some models also used the air from the freezer to cool the refrigerator compartment. Unfortunately, this resulted in the refrigerator not being cooled evenly and ice forming in some places. Most of these teething troubles should now be remedied.