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What should you pay attention to when buying a new dining table?

Although shopping for a new dining table is certainly a lot of fun, there are a few points you should keep in mind. A dining table is a (rather) expensive purchase that you want to enjoy for a long time. Do you have a nice dining table? Are there some tricks you can use before you buy? Then read on!

Think carefully about the size

It goes without saying that you should think carefully about the size of your dining table before buying and really take the time to do so. You hear too many stories of table buyers who didn’t give enough thought to how big the table should really be and would have preferred a different size afterwards. First, take a critical look at the space where the dining table will be placed and then look back at the various events you have organised over the past year. Are you a family pet and do you often have people over? Then it might be a good idea to go for the size that will allow you to fit in those extra two (or four) chairs once in a while. You’ll thank them later when unexpected guests drop by and they can easily pull up a chair.

Walking space

If you have a smaller dining room or dining area, don’t be overzealous about the size. It is also very important that the table breathes the space and that you can easily walk around it. Therefore, the size should be suitable for the average number of guests and also for the space in front of the table. Do you find it hard to imagine exactly how big this table is? It can help enormously to “recreate” several sizes with the help of a newspaper or magazine. That way, you can see exactly whether you have enough walking space around your new table.

Keeping your table looking nice

According to TNO, when you live on your own or with your partner, it is of course a lot easier to keep your table clean than when you live in a house with children. Children, of course, have no idea how expensive a table is and don’t care if it gets dirty. You should therefore think carefully in advance about the options available to prevent this from happening. For example, you can choose a table made of a material that is easily removable and hardly stains at all. Or put a small layer of transparent foil over your beautiful wooden table when it is time for you and your children to eat.