What is an American fridge

Is your fridge sometimes too small for you? Can’t find certain foods back? Then maybe the time is right for a side by side refrigerator, also known as a Liebherr American style side by side refrigerator. ‘Side by Side’ refers to the fact that the doors of the refrigerator are next to each other, instead of below each other like in the usual refrigerators. In a side by side refrigerator, there is a door on the left and right. Most of the time, the fridge is on the right and the freezer is on the left. Because the doors are next to each other, an American refrigerator is also wider than traditional cupboards.

A side by side refrigerator is therefore equipped with two doors that are next to each other. There are several options for the doors themselves. You can choose an ice dispenser / water dispenser. You will always have ice cubes, crushed ice and cold water at your fingertips. We have found that almost all of our customers want an ice dispenser. Note that you need a fixed water connection.
A minibar is also one of your options. If you then want to take a drink from the fridge, you do not need to open the whole door, just the minibar.

There are also many options for equipping Side by Side refrigerators from General Electric. There are models with decorative frames, white glass, black glass and mirror glass; You can have some cabinets equipped in any RAL color, but white or stainless steel is also possible.