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What are the different kind of CNC services

CNC machining or CNC services is a fast and quick manufacturing process that allows manufacturers to convert 3 dimensional designs into mechanical parts. It involves cutting of raw material such as metal and plastic into the shape of the design. CNC services are used industry wide to make parts, prototypes and several other components. CNC machining comes in various forms, two of the most commonly used services are CNC turning and CNC milling. While CNC services in general have a similar workflow, it is the hardware and the style of cutting that differs.

What is CNC milling?

CNC milling is a popular CNC service that is used to produce various machined parts. It is mostly used in the production of porotypes. Milling machines use a rotating cutting tool that allows for the cutting of workpiece. The tool interacts with the workpiece in three or more axes, cutting all the extra material until it resembles the design input. Usually, CNC milling machines keep the workpiece stationary and the blades rotate around it making contact at multiple points one after the other to give it the shape. However, some multi axis milling machines also rotate the workpiece to create more complex and intricate designs. Some of the parts produced by CNC milling include fittings, enclosures and housing, brackets, gears, engine parts and water pumps to name a few.


What is CNC turning?

CNC Turning machines, although equally important, function differently. CNC turning machines use a fixed cutting tool. The workpiece is rotated at high speed and the cutting tool approaches it and removes extra material in accordance with the design input. Therefore, CNC turning is also called CNC lathes. CNC turning machines can work on the exterior of the workpiece as well as bore through it to create a tubular part. Some of the parts that are manufactured using this CNC service include, rollers, ball joints, nuts and bolts, shafts, nozzles and firearms.


What kind of CNC service to choose?

You can choose either CNC service depending on the design requirement. A CNC machining service would allow you to create multiple parts with various shapes and sizes. This means that you can perform multiple styles of cutting using the same device. In addition to this, you can also work in post-machining using a CNC milling machine. In other words, you can modify already created parts and designs to meet new requirements. CNC milling is quick, can be done multiple times and is inexpensive. However, if you want to create a round shape, CNC milling would not be as accurate as CNC turning. CNC turning creates the most accurate round profiles with high precision. It can be used to create symmetrical designs and works best for creating boring holes.

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