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How to make transport more sustainable

When we talk about the pollution of society and co2 emissions, transport plays a major role. This is one of the largest sectors that is constantly evolving. Nowadays there are different forms of transport. Think for example of ships sailing from port to port, trains and trucks transporting goods and also airplanes. Therefore, it is not surprising that all this traffic does not contribute to a sustainable climate. That is why a lot of initiative is now being taken to make transport more sustainable. But how exactly can we do this? You can read all about it here!


Corporate social responsibility

Responsibility entrepreneurship in a socially responsible manner is becoming more and more important for organizations nowadays. Within the transport sector, CSR includes preventing empty truck trailers, efficiency in the truck’s route, and decrease the use of paper. Furthermore, it is also about ensuring that there is equality in the wages of drivers. By doing business in a socially responsible way, sustainability is stimulated both for the people involved and for the planet.



The fuel consumption of transport results in high co2 emissions. That is why fuel is perhaps the most discussed item in making the transport sector more sustainable. There are a few ways in which the fuel can be more sustainable or efficient. First of all, the original fuel can be replaced by a bio variant. This will drastically reduce the harmful substances in the emissions, which contributes to a sustainable environment. Secondly, many transport companies nowadays invest in electric driving. Think for example of electric cars and busses. Additionally, companies that give a car to their employees also invest in electric cars.


Arrange transport as efficiently as possible

Furthermore, a good way to make transport more efficient is by aligning the transport routes and setting it up properly. By this we mean that routes are arranged in such a way that there is no unnecessary driving and that as much cargo as possible can be taken along, so that there remains no empty space in the cargo area, and that a lot can be driven at once. This applies to transport by road, sea and air. Think for example of airplanes. These holds are nowadays optimally equipped so that more cargo can be taken along. An organization that specializes in this is VRR. They design special boxes for in the aircraft hold.