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Using AliExpress for Your First Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping businesses with Aliexpress is a fantastic way to get started in e-commerce without being concerned about shipping or inventory. It’s as simple as listing a product for sale on your website and emailing your supplier to send the product whenever you get an order.

Although starting a dropshipping business is a fantastic way to start an e-commerce business from scratch, sifting through the internet to find a trustworthy supplier can be challenging. This article introduces five simple ways to create a dropshipping business with AliExpress.


1. Choose a niche for your dropshipping business

The first step to launching a dropshipping business is finding a suitable niche. To ensure the success of your dropshipping business, you must pick the right products.

If you don’t know what niche to focus on, go to AliExpress and look through the product categories. Keep the following factors under consideration when selecting products:

  • Choose high-quality, reasonably priced items.
  • Choose the items that are the most popular.
  • Be mindful of your target audience and market.


2. Find an Authentic Supplier

Identifying the right suppliers can be difficult. There are numerous suppliers, but selecting the best ones is not easy.

Don’t limit yourself to the first few pages when looking for suppliers. To identify the authentic supplier for your dropshipping, you must go over 30 to 40 pages. Suppliers aren’t concerned with marketing techniques, so you’ll have to handle that for your dropshipping business.

Select an authentic supplier with a good reputation and is known for delivering on time. You may be overwhelmed by the list of suppliers on AliExpress, but don’t hurry.


3. Add Products to the Store

When you’ve completed the preceding steps, it’s time to add all your chosen products to your store. Keep this in mind. It’s not just about copying descriptions and inserting images from AliExpress. To ensure your store’s success, you must position it correctly.

Create your own content rather than copying product descriptions from AliExpress. You may hire a professional writer or do it yourself, but make sure the content is unique and not copied. Furthermore, for images, use legitimate online tools to edit them correctly. Don’t post any images that are blurry or unclear. Both your brand’s reputation and client satisfaction depend on it.

Don’t forget to carefully price your things as well. All products should be sold for at least 50% more than they cost.

It is critical to run your business and cover all marketing costs efficiently. Make everything clear in terms of customer service. Include the delivery time with each product description. Because most sellers on AliExpress are from China, delivery times may be longer than usual.

Ensure the proper delivery time for your customers before they place their orders. To make things more organized, you may also use an order tracking app to inform your customers of the most up-to-date status of their orders.


4. Build Your Website

The next step is to set up your dropshipping website. Many eCommerce platforms like Shoplazza and Shopify enable you to do so quickly.

It is not even required to have a technical background. You can easily create your own online store using simple drag-and-drop functionality in a very short time.


5. Get an order

When you receive your first order, it will be really exciting! To receive payments instantly, you now require online payment processors like PayPal. After receiving the payment, you will place the order with AliExpress dropshippers, and they will send the item to your customer.



If you’re ready to start your dropshipping business with AliExpress, just go by the ways mentioned above to have success dropshipping with AliExpress.


(Contributed by Sohel Rana & Hermes Fang)