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Treating a fungal infection with daktarin

Treating a fungal infection with daktarin

You can Treat fungal infection with daktarin. Daktarin is a drug that is mainly intended for the treatment of warts in the throat, esophagus and mouth. You can only get this medicine with a prescription from a pharmacist or a doctor. There is also miconazole in this cream which has a specific action for killing fungus. You can also use daktarin on the skin. It is important that you do not treat healthy skin here. This can cause it to feel burning and you don’t want that. So treat only the site of the infection. You usually apply this cream twice a day for a maximum of 4 weeks unless a doctor prescribes otherwise.

Starting treatment with terbinafine

Over the counter terbinafine is available in most drugstores.This drug is also used to combat warts and fungi. In most cases it concerns fungal infections on the foot, but it can also be used for fungi on the nails. It is important that you also only apply this ointment to the site of infection. The advice is not to use this ointment for longer than 2 weeks, unless a doctor prescribes otherwise. You could also apply it with a cotton swab or condom. If you prefer to do it with your fingers, you should wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Why do you need ointment, cream or medication?

Warts are a viral infection that is difficult to fight. It is therefore important to do this in a timely manner, but also with a heavy hand. There are even people who walk around with warts for too long without treating them. They have sometimes been bothered by this for more than 2 years and therefore it is almost impossible to combat it. The sooner you catch them, the easier they often go away. It is therefore wise to consult a doctor when in doubt. He or she can then give the appropriate advice.