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The world of loans, energy and insurance is changing, what things you need to be carefull about?

Do you hardly ever use care? Then choose to throw up your own risk. With a maximum increase of € 500,-, the discount can go up to € 25,- per month. It is very important to be able to count down those extra hundreds if care is needed. Also make sure that you check your energy bill and especially the zakelijke energie.

Choose packages with one insurer

Some insurers offer package discounts if you take out multiple insurances with them. This allows you to save on the various premiums. However, always compare the prices of different inboedelverzekeringen before you take out a package. Also check if it is not a coincidence that taking out insurance with different insurers is cheaper. Pay attention to double coverage

Look out for double coverage

Double coverage means that you are covered on different policies for the same risk. For example, for medical expenses abroad, car breakdown or legal assistance. That’s a shame, because you also pay double, while you only use one of the two. Take a look at the policy conditions of different insurances and see what you can save on.

Discounts for loyal customers

Premium discounts for loyal customers don’t always guarantee the lowest premiums, and what was the best deal last year doesn’t have to be now. Insurers compete with each other and always try to come up with the sharpest deals. Take advantage of that! So keep comparing, because that really pays off. Even if, for example, you have concluded an energy contract with a longer term, switching can still yield savings.