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The UK’s Best Places to Visit with Car Hire

Escape London and you’ll realize that the UK is so much more beautiful and enticing than you ever knew. Between the hidden hamlets, national parks, and enthralling history, this tiny island has it all. Follow the motorways and roads to get to unexplored corners, where most tourists never get to visit.

For young people, car hire under 25 gives you the freedom to explore more. Get yourself a decent vehicle and get to know this country better than most tourists are able to. You’ll gain access to some incredible natural scenery, hidden gems, and unbeatable road trips. By opting to hire a car, you really are in for an adventure. Whether you’re travelling alone, with university friends, or with a young family, you’ll be able to drive to the perfect holiday destination in the UK.

After hiring a car, here are the places you just have to visit in the UK.

1) The Peak District: For Wild Campers

There are many national parks dotted around the United Kingdom, but the Peak District might just be the best of the lot. Though trains do go here, you’ll be able to explore more with car hire under 25. Surrounded by the most spectacular and awe-inspiring mountains, there’s nothing quite like driving through a British national park.

Simply lose yourself in this endless wilderness. The Peak District is all about hiking, so drive where you can and then finish the journey by foot. Top of your bucket list should be the park’s highest point, Kinder Scout. The views here are breathtaking, allowing you to see as far as Mount Snowdon on a clear day.

Perhaps the Peak Districts biggest pull is that, unlike most areas of the UK, it allows wild camping. So if you’re the outdoor type, there’s nothing like pulling up to a secluded spot in your hire car and setting up camp under the stars. You won’t need to worry about angry landowners and can truly relax in one of the most peaceful and beautiful locations on Earth.

2) Cheddar Gorge: History Meets Mythology

Is there a more British sounding name than Cheddar, home of the world’s best tasting cheese? More than that, though, Cheddar is home to a gorge which is widely agreed to be one of the UK’s most beautiful natural features. Plunging to. a depth of 137 metres and covering a staggering 3 miles, this really is a natural marvel. Driving through the gorge in your hire car will offer an incredible experience.

But Cheddar is also a wonderful destination for history nerds. It’s home to the oldest skeleton found in the UK, dating back to 7150B.C. You really feel in touch with England’s ancient past when passing through Cheddar. And of course, you have to visit Wookey Hole, the beautiful caves which are home to a witch. For young children and adults interested in mythology, this is always a fun day out.

3) The Cotswolds: The Best of English Village Life

Many people visiting the UK are looking for those tiny quintessentially English villages. Many can be found scattered around the Cotswolds. As lovely as this area of outstanding natural beauty is, it isn’t the most accessible by bus or train. You should therefore consider car hire under 25, if you’re a young person looking for a truly authentically English road trip.

You’ll pass through places with names like Upper Sodbury, Bourton on Water, and Lower Oddington. These charming little towns and villages offer incredible relaxation among the tranquil rolling hills of the Cotswolds. Flowing rivers, botanical gardens, and English tea rooms are all waiting to be explored by the road tripper.

4) Snowdonia: Family Adventures

At 1085 metres, Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales. Nevertheless, it’s a relatively easy climb for averagely fit people. You can drive most of the way, after picking up your car hire under 25, and then walk the footpath all the way to the peak. On a lovely summers day, this is an excellent climb in the UK’s most staggeringly beautiful surroundings.

Because the walk isn’t too strenuous, this is good for young drivers who don’t want to over-exert themselves. If you have young children, they’ll also be comfortable with the climb. This means that, even though this is an adventurous holiday destination, it is also the perfect family friendly day out.

5) Brecon Beacons: The Ultimate Road Trip

If Snowdonia isn’t quite adventurous enough for you, why not head south to the Brecon Beacons? Though they don’t rise to the same height as Mount Snowdon, they’re arguably more challenging. Rugged terrain in beautiful surroundings offers a more intense, but rewarding experience. Because of this harsh reputation, the Brecon Beacons are used to test the fitness of SAS recruits.

Don’t feel you have to trek everywhere though. There are plenty of roads throughout the Brecon Beacons: perfect for anyone making use of car hire under 25. Young people can jump into their vehicle and embark on what is perhaps the UK’s ultimate road trip. The silky smooth, twisty-turny asphalt that lines this mountain range is a joy to ride on. Far away from the pollution and traffic of the city, it’s just you and the open road, enjoying the ride of a lifetime.

Any time you’re in the UK, consider hiring a car. The transport infrastructure is okay, but limiting. If you’re under 25, you can get a car hire deal that gives you the ultimate freedom that young travellers crave. Feel the breeze as you drive through the most spectacular natural scenery. Whether that’s the Peak District, Cheddar Gorge, the Cotswolds, Snowdonia, or the Brecon Beacons, you are guaranteed to be blown away by the British countryside.

Take your car as far as you can, then continue deep into the wild by foot. Maybe you’ll end up camping under starlight or encountering the extraordinary in unexplored caves. You can guarantee, however, that using car hire under 25 is the greatest way to see Great Britain.