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The importance of a ‘powerful question’

In order to get a good and correct insight and to get the right answers it is very important to ask the right question in a psychic reading. If you ask good and complete questions, you can expect good and complete answers. Conversely, if you ask a meaningless or strange question, there is a good chance that you will also receive an answer that you will not be satisfied with.

Let me give 2 examples to explain this:

1st (weak question):

You ask the Tarot, “Will I ever find love?” and “the Hermit” appears. Answer: “Oh, no, you will not find love and you will be alone all your life.” You will be annoyed by this answer because you actually wanted to meet your true love within a year, and now it is said that it is not going to happen.

2nd (good question): Now you ask the tarot, “What can I do to get the love life I long for?” Once again “the Hermit” appears. Now you might get the answer: “If you want to find the love of your life within a year, you will have to stay alone for a while. First think carefully about what kind of relationship you actually want. By being alone you can get to your deeper feeling much better. This will make it much more likely that you will find true and true love this time.

Now you will have a powerful and optimistic feeling about the psychic tarot reading. You now know exactly what it takes to meet the right person for you.

The ‘quality’ of the question asked is therefore very important to get the right answer with which you can go a step further to realize your goals and dreams.

How do you ask a good question?

Don’t ask ‘closed’ questions. These are questions to which only a yes or no can be answered. With this you can actually do very little because there is always a “but” attached to an answer. In this case you will not receive this fuller answer, or to a lesser extent.

So ask ‘open’ questions. So instead of “Do I find a new job?” you might ask “What has hindered me until now to find a good new job that suits me?” The first question can only be answered with “yes” or “no”. The second question will bring about a much deeper feeling and will give you space to understand how you can achieve your goal in a better way. In this case, finding a new job.