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The best things to do in your first travel to Turin

Turin is beautiful city located in Northern Italy and capital of the Piedmont region. This city has everything you might want from a classical Italian city: stunning Baroque architecture, lots of history and delicious food, but is not as popular as other Italian cities (yet), this makes it a perfect destination if you want to avoid crowds but still want to enjoy the beauty of an Italian city.


If you want to travel to Turin you should know that this city is home to the popular car manufacturer FIAT, and to one of the best and oldest professional soccer teams of Italy: Juventus F.C. Turin has also gained worldwide recognition for its chocolate, for many historical tourist attractions and for the beautiful landscapes of the Piedmont. As you may guessed, there are plenty of things to do in Turin:

Visit the many Historical Sights

This city will immediately win you over with its beautiful architecture and classical style. There are plenty of historical sites and squares all over the city, but without doubt the towering Mole Antonelliana is the jewel of the crown. It is a structure so famous that appears on one centime coins and it is often referred as the “Eiffel Tower of Italy”. The interior of the tower is dedicated to a cinema museum while in the top floor you will find the most stunning panoramic views over the city.

Visit de Juventus Stadium and Museum

The latest Juventus Stadium is called the Allianz Stadium, but it is nicknamed the Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady), it is a huge stadium with a capacity of 41,507 people. You can take a tour, where you will have the chance to explore the dressing rooms, media area and many more exclusive parts of the stadium. Besides there is a museum where you will see all the club’s history and triumphs in a unique and memorable experience. If you visit Turin during soccer season, you could also go to a game and enjoy the experience of watching this iconic team play. 

Renting a Fiat in Turin

If you travel to Turin you should consider renting a car, unless other European cities, Turin is a great place to rent a car; it is surrounded with mountainous areas crowned with churches and castles, offering panoramic views of the Italian Alps. You can pick up the car in the city or at the airport. Besides the city downtown is easy to navigate because streets are mostly on a grid. Besides you could also have a little road trip to one of the towns nearby.