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Summer houses: how to decorate them for Christmas?


Although summer houses are usually associated with summer holidays, this does not mean spending time there during the winter is a bad idea. You will be impressed by how cozy Christmas or New Year celebrations can be organized in a magic place close to nature. Therefore, instead of looking for ideas on where to accommodate your whole family or friends during the holidays, use your imagination and create an exclusive festive atmosphere in your holiday house. And to make the start of the creative process easier, we’ve decided to share some ideas on how to create an exclusive festive atmosphere in your own vacation home.


Two Christmas trees are better than one


The exclusive festive atmosphere requires an exclusive solution that could be the perfect choice to decorate at least two Christmas trees. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy two of them this year. Use your imagination and decorate the tree growing in the yard. If you don’t run out of time and decorations, many festive trees could create a real small holiday town in your front yard.


To those who do not want to buy a real Christmas tree, many alternatives in the market are being suggested: Christmas trees made of wood, metal, plastic, or other materials. Christmas is not only a time of miracles, but also a time for creativity, so do not say no to experimenting and decorating the summer houses for sale as your heart desires.


Fireplace – a big part of coziness


A fireplace in a wooden summer house will fill the house with coziness better than any luxurious Christmas decorations. Therefore, if possible, create a cozy lounge area around the fireplace where you can relax and share Christmas emotions with your friends or family. If it is not possible to light a fireplace in the summer houses, a larger number of candles will help to create coziness.


Don’t forget Christmas stockings


The tradition of Christmas stockings, which probably came from Christmas movies, will delight not only the little ones but all family members. After all, nothing is more fun than to be surprised by a small present left in a Christmas stocking. Many families still follow the tradition of the Advent calendar which is to leave a small gift for beloved ones in a special calendar pocket every Advent day.


The production of your calendar itself offers no less joy. Creatively designed calendars will also become great Christmas decorations for festive summer houses interiors.


Light projections


You can use a variety of holiday projections to make your holiday house stand out. Thanks to them, wooden houses will become a real part of the Christmas fairy tale: you will be able to decorate them with colorful snowflakes, Christmas trees, or other holiday symbols. Such Christmas projections can be installed on the wall of the summer house, or directed to the plants, or snow that has just fallen.


Use homemade decorations


It is also important to keep in mind that it is not necessary to use traditional Christmas decorations to create a magical Christmas spirit. Use your imagination or take advantage of one of our decoration ideas:


Gift decorations. These decorations will not only become a very strong accent of your Christmas decorations. For its’ production, you could use all the shoe boxes and other boxes left at home for a second life. These artificial gifts look good wrapped in old newspapers, decorated with ribbons of various colors. The good news is that you will be able to use such decorations for many years in a row.


Baked decorations. One of the most popular ways to make homemade decorations for summer houses is to bake them from salt dough. You could prepare it by mixing 2 glasses of flour with 1 glass of salt and 1 glass of water. Once the dough has been stored in the fridge for a while, roll out the dough pieces and make the shapes of decorations from it (remembering to leave a hole for the thread). Bake these decorations in the oven at 250 °C for about 10-15 minutes.


Decorations from orange. Another easy way to make inexpensive Christmas decorations – baking orange slices. The production is extremely simple: you will need to cut the oranges into slices up to 1 cm thin and dry them in the oven at a low temperature of 80°C for 4-6 hours. Make sure that the dried oranges do not lose their color – reduce the oven temperature as soon as oranges turn dark. When oranges are dry, attach a ribbon and hang them on the Christmas tree or use it for gifts decoration.


Don’t forget the candles


Christmas candles are probably the main decoration that creates a warm atmosphere and coziness. Large or small, high or low candles will fit practically every style of decoration. It is important to keep in mind that you can also use scented candles to decorate your summer house during the holiday. It will assure an exclusive festive aroma for your cozy evenings.



Cinnamon and incense


If you avoid fragrant candles at home, cinnamon and incense, which create a magical scent, can be a great alternative. After all, the scent is one of the first associations with festive moments, so don’t forget to create the magic of scents while celebrating the big holidays of the year.


The lights will create a festive mood


To make summer houses for sale bright and create a happy mood –do not forget to decorate both its exterior and interior with Christmas lights. However, summer houses, will not look good if you try to make them as bright as possible, therefore try to keep the harmony of lighting. It is worth mentioning that any style of summer house will be perfectly decorated with white or yellow light bulbs, so if you are not sure about the style of decoration, you will not regret this option.


Great preparation for a big celebration


For those who look for original ideas, it is worth considering the possibility to build a private skating area in the yard of summer houses. To do this, you will need to purchase the frames of the prefabricated ice rinks and fill them. To make the games in your arena more efficient and fun, you can surround the ice arena with a simple picket fence with a gate.


It is recommended to start the installation of the ice rink before the air temperature drops below -5 °C, as the weather is usually calm and free of snow at this time. The water will not freeze evenly if the day is windy.


Christmas workshop


If you have younger children in your family, it will be really hard to find a better holiday decoration than the Christmas workshop. It not only creates a real festive spirit in the summer houses but also is a great activity for children during the holiday season. This could be an unforgettable summer house project for Christmas, which will reward your beloved ones with the warmest emotions.


Warming sentiments


The summer houses for sale are usually associated with family time. So, if you are looking for a very original idea for this holiday, you can also choose a sentimental theme for house decoration. We suggest decorating a wooden house with photos that reflect warm moments with your loved ones. The advantage of such a decoration is that you will be able to use the photos more than once, and no Christmas decorations will leave such joy and good emotions.


Christmas dishes


Wherever you plan to celebrate the holidays, it is hard to imagine it without Christmas dishes. Its exclusive preparation and original solutions can become the main accent of celebration. Don’t be afraid to use decorations such as spruce branches, candles, or pine cones to decorate your table – it will only enhance the great atmosphere. The table can also be decorated with gingerbread cookies or Christmas cakes.


Summer houses: why choose them for Christmas?


Holidays at home can probably be described as the simplest solution that does not cause much trouble – it allows you to prepare for celebration at a slow pace. However, in search of festive magic, summer houses gain huge popularity during the festive season.


First of all, the choice to spend a holiday in such a place, allows you to have a good rest from the everyday environment. Secondly, it is easy to get tired of the Christmas decorations quickly, if you need to decorate the whole house. For this reason, the choice to celebrate elsewhere will not restrict your creativity and, most importantly, will leave your home a quiet place for rest.


The third, but no less important argument is the size of ​​the house. If you live in a big house, organizing a Christmas party won’t be a big deal. However, a crowd of people in your middle size flat during the holiday – may cause some real issues. After all, you will also need to take care of all the guests.