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Stuck with your business? This is how you keep growing!

Many entrepreneurs hit this moment where they feel like they are stuck. They’s reached a plateau where business keeps on going steadily with nice profits, but it doesn’t seem to be growing. At least not how it used to. If you relate to this story, don’t worry. In a few simple steps you get unstuck and your business will grow like never before!

Find out what costumers are saying about your business

In order to grow you need to find out what people are saying about your business. If you have no clue whether people are happy about your services, it’s an excellent idea to hold a survey and find out the VOC voice of costumer. Encourage people to take the survey by simply asking them or creating some sort of deal or discount for every filled-out survey.

By doing this you discover the VOC voice of costumer. If you know your VOC voice of costumer you will find out what you can improve about your service and/or products.

UX research

UX research is another way to discover how users are interacting with your service, software, product or even interface. By doing your UX research and finding the VOC voice of customer you can improve your products, services and overall business.

Reach more people

For a business to grow you not only need to improve what you are offering, you also need to reach more potential clients. If you’re not actively advertising online or even worse, have an online presence, now is the time! With Google and social media, you can reach many people in an instant. Invest in online marketing to grow to the top of google and you will get most of your costumers through your website.

If you advertise using google ads or Facebook ads you will have the option to create a new focus area or even discover where your costumers are coming from, how old they are and their gender. This way you can focus on the group that actually is interested in your product or service and stop wasting time on people who will never be interested.