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Strengthen your materials with unidirectional carbon fiber

Eurocarbon from the Netherlands makes use of the great advancement in the composites industry named carbon fiber to make unidirectional tapes and fillers. The company was founded in 1982 and primarily specialised in braiding and weaving carbon fiber into strong reinforcements. Since then they have developed a large variety of different products of this component, which are mostly used in the composites industry. A large selection of these products are available for delivery, directly from their standard program. However, if a standard carbon fiber filleror unidirectional tape does not satisfy your needs, it also possible to discuss a tailored solution with this amazing company.

A wide variety of uses for these strong materials

A great benefit of using carbon fiber products, such as unidirectional tape or a filler, is that they are extremely strong while also being very lightweight. This makes it very appealing to use for the aircraft industry for example. Moreover, carbon fiber is an extremely durable material as it stress and corrosion resistant, flexible and has the ability to conduct different temperatures and electricity. This does not only make this a tough material, but also very reliable and safe for different uses, such as designing aircrafts. Are you not sure what kind of carbon fiber component is best for your specific needs and situation? The experienced employees are more than happy to listen to your concerns and will provide you with personal advise.

Order a standard or tailored product

Are you curious about the possibilities that Eurocarbon can offer your company? Do not hesitate to contact them by using the contact details shown on their website. Ask your questions, request a quote or get more information about the company. The enthusiastic and specialised employees of this company are more than happy to help you find your perfect fit.

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