Starting a nursing job abroad in the Netherlands

Do you want to advance in your medical career in a foreign country and learn during a paid introductory period with free beginners course? You should check out the various nursing jobs in the Netherlands that are offered by Pleyade. Whether you already have a nursing degree or still studying to get it is not important for this. You will always start off with an introductory course, where you learn the basics of the Dutch language. After this you will be invited over to the Netherlands to get to know your new collegeagues and the clients in the nursing homes.

After the basic course you will get a free follow-up program to expand your knowledge of the Dutch language to a level that is needed to be a professional nurse in the Netherlands. You will always receive help during your study if needed, arranged housing if necessary and you can always have room to grow in your career as well as there is room for personal growth.

Very competitive salaries are offered, of course extra is paid for working overtime, Sundays or public holidays. If you finish the program you will get a guaranteed job of atleast 36 hours a week, with a salary of up to €37.000 per year. But it does not end there, there is still room to advance in your career with many available studies and even  a Management Talent Program.

Do you have what it takes to take your nursing career to the next level? We hope to welcome you at Pleyade!