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Reliable hosting provider for your WordPress website

 Finding a new beste hosting company is very frustrating: you will find good and bad reviews online, you never know exactly what a hosting company does for you, and you may not have enough technical knowledge to check whether they offer enough for your website. You spend hours on the internet finding out which is the best host, but you don’t get much wiser from all that information.

I now have 10 years of experience with different hosting providers. It took me days to find a good company (spoiler alert: I have now found a reliable hosting company). Because of this I know very well what is important for the choice of a hosting company. Because I only work with WordPress (because it is the most user-friendly program for creating websites), this article only deals with websites that are built with WordPress.

What do I need for hosting a website?

  • If you want a reasonably comfortable hosting package for a simple website, you need the following:
  • 500 MB space (1 GB if you really want to show hundreds of large images)
  • Unlimited data traffic (nowadays the standard everywhere)
  • MySQL database
  • E-mail addresses and possibly web mail (but I advise you to receive and send e-mail or purchase Google Suite via your own mail client)
  • A WordPress installer (with 1 click you can create a site, is nowadays the standard everywhere)
  • Automatic backups for files and databases
  • Support for the latest versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Free customer service via telephone, e-mail, ticketing system, and live chat (preferably all).
  • DNS management (this is fairly technical and you often do not use this, but if your hosting provider does not offer you full control over this, this can cause problems)